What is Body Talk?

BodyTalk is a revolutionary consciousness-based health care system, in that it helps to bring forth a new awareness in the client’s mind and facilitates healing to occur naturally. 

“BodyTalk is founded in Quantum Physics, a new understanding that the universe and everything in it contains the information of the whole.  Everything is dynamically interconnected, so all systems, cells and subatomic particles within a bodymind are in communication with every other system, cell and subatomic particle.  Each body mind is also interconnected with everything and everyone else in their environment as well as everything in the universe. “
- BodyTalk Fundamentals 

In Body Talk session, practitioner asks the client’s body what the body’s priority is, for example, “Is organ a priority?” “Is environment a priority?”, using client’s YES/NO muscle feedback (Check the blog post to see how it’s done)

In BodyTalk, we are the greatest healer to ourselves and practitioner’s role is to unleash the innate healing ability that has always been there. 

Once the new information is revealed, practitioner uses their hands to tap gently client’s energy centers.  This method is used to facilitate the change and store the new information given to her consciousness.  

BodyTalk uses no medicine and no diagnosis.  It is non invasive, no harm to the body.  So anyone from newborn to the elderly, people in long distance, animals and plants can benefit from this healing method.